Daryl Selby

Daryl Selby


Director and founder of the company, Daryl is accustomed to Elite level sport. As a professional squash player for over 17 years, Daryl has an in depth knowledge on what it takes to compete at the highest levels. He was a Sport Scholar at Loughborough University and has a BsC in Sport and Leisure Management which gives him that added experience to ensure he can represent his clients in the best light.
Lucie Selby

Lucie Selby

Web & Creative Design

Lucie has a wealth of experience as a designer, with a First Class Honours Degree from Manchester Metropolitan University. Being the wife of Daryl means she can work closely with him to ensure the brand is presented in a professional manner. Lucie also ensures clients are presented in the best light on the website and in any partnership proposals in order to try and optimise potential work.
Karen Selby

Karen Selby

Consultant & Event Manager

Karen offers invaluable experience to the team. She has successfully run numerous large squash tournaments, events and exhibitions, which is an aspect we hope to draw upon at some stage within Dynamic 7 Sport. She is also passionate about player development and supporting athletes in all aspects of their game. As a sports consultant Karen brings more than 20 years of sporting knowledge to the team.


Dynamic 7 Sport are a sports management & events agency based in the South East of England. Currently our main focus is Squash, but we also represent people within the world of golf.


As a part of the Dynamic 7 family, some of the services we will provide you will include;

  • Creating individual player proposals for presentation to potential partners.
  • Build you a brand and style that will develop partnerships with relevant brands and companies.
  • Actively look for opportunities for you and present it for your consideration.
  • Liaising with providers regarding travel & accommodation plans.
  • Provide support and guidance in relation to training direction and tournament preparation.
  • Providing recommendations for health & dietary consultants.
  • Seek out opportunities for you during the season and off season to further supplement your income, including;
    • Exhibitions
    • Guest Speaker
    • Commentary
    • Guest Coach at Training Camps
    • Invitational Tournaments
  • Help to raise your social media profile to increase engagement with fans and sponsors.
  • Feature your profile and body of work on the Dynamic 7 Sport website.


As a partner to us or one of our athletes, some of the services we will provide you will include;

  • Find the perfect fit for you, and partner you with one of our existing athletes that best represents the ethos and dynamic of your brand.
  • Constantly keep in touch with the talent that is coming up through the world of squash and golf to secure them at the earliest opportunity.
  • Dynamic 7 Sport and your partnered athlete will help to raise your social media profile to increase engagement with fans, media and potential customers.
  • We will work with your partnered athletes to enhance and increase the profile of your brand. Elite athletes are used to performing to the highest levels, this invaluable knowledge and experience can be translated into the workplace; whether it’s through event speaking, team building exercises or simply watching them train and compete.
  • Provide exposure of your brand through clothing sponsorship via various media outlets, including;
    • Sky Sports
    • BT Sport 
    • Eurosport Player
    • YouTube 
    • PSA, Squashsite & SquashMad Facebook, Twitter & Instagram platforms 
    • PSA Squash TV


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