Dynamic 7 Sport are a fast paced sports management agency.

We deliver high quality representation to the elite athlete within the world of squash & golf.

We Work For You

We work hard to make sure that our sportspeople can focus solely on their sport and become the best they can be.

Forward Thinking

We’re constantly finding new ways to better our service & provide more opportunities to you as our clients.

Problem Solvers

We work with a team of people across a varied field of work to ensure no problem is insurmountable. Leave it to us.


Finding the right partners to work with is key & pairing them up with the right sportspeople is where the magic can happen.


We are Dynamic 7 Sport, a sports management & events agency based in the South East of England. Currently our main focus is Squash, but we also represent people within the world of cricket & golf.

Founded in 2017 by professional squash player Daryl Selby, Dynamic 7 Sport are passionate about providing world class support and representation to elite figures within the sporting world. Helping both our athletes and our corporate clients reach their goals from our partnerships.


Squash is one of the fastest growing sports in the World. It’s a game of gruelling physical endurance and extreme athleticism. Not only is it considered one of the healthiest sports in the world, it prides itself upon promoting a thriving & sustainable global professional squash circuit for men and women. The PSA (Professional Squash Association) provides access for the best players in the world to compete with equal opportunity to maximise their career potential.

Cricket is a fantastic team sport, promoting fair play and honesty, combined with great hand-eye coordination, power & athleticism. The women’s game is growing quickly & is providing access for female athletes to play at a professional level.

Golf is a sport with an enormous following around the world. The sport is moving forward at a ferocious pace and trying to encourage more women and a younger generation to enjoy the game especially now as an Olympic Sport. From our perspective, in order for these athletes to compete at their highest ability, they need to be able to focus solely on that task; and that’s where we come in.